Why choose Careers in Progress for professional career advice?

Careers in Progress operates from its Richmond office in Nelson and also in Christchurch. Our career planning services are aimed at providing professional career advice for every person of fifteen years and older, regardless of what stage you are at on your career path. We are well qualified in career counselling and planning, which we combine with our own life experience in the work force and knowledge of the education sector.

Because we are independent, our only agenda is with you, the client.

Successful career planning based on your personal career goals

Our success is measured in helping you to identify and attain the type of job or vocation that is best for you; one where you are more likely to thrive because it utilises your strengths, encourages you to grow and matches career directions that fit you, your personal interests and values well.

Licensed Smithells© Career Planning Practitioners with First Careers

As part of the First Careers New Zealand network of independent career development professionals, our principal careers advisor Lesley Hooson is fully trained in the Smithells® Career Planning System. First Careers whole approach is tailored to young people aged 15-30 years, and uses an accurate and fun career planning system developed by its founders Tim and Juliana Smithells® in 1992. The Smithells® System provides a consistent process nationwide for New Zealand’s young people. Each career professional licensed to use the Smithells® System uses their own skills, ideas and creative flair to build upon this common core.

Turn your career questionnaire results into a practical career action plan

The Smithells© Career Planning System uses a robust and highly detailed process to identify your unique mix of interests, values, preferences and strengths to match career directions that fit you well. At the end of each face-to-face career planning session, you receive a confidential action summary, listing the pinpointed career directions that hold the greatest interest for you, recommending career options that match your unique mix, and listing agreed steps in a practical action plan. By making a plan, you are much more likely to achieve your career goals.

As your local Licensed Smithells® Career Planning Practitioner, Lesley Hooson can then assist with finding the best way to pursue your chosen career, including subject selection and recommending course and work options.

Licensed Smithells® Practitioner
Licensed to use the Smithells® Career Planning System
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