Career Advice Services for Teenagers, Young Adults and Adults at all Stages of Career Development

A large part of your life will be spent at work: do something you love.

Are you just starting out, returning to the workforce or looking for a career change?

Careers in Progress offers you a range of career planning and vocational counselling services that are designed to help you achieve your career goals and find your niche within the workforce.

Find a job that fits with First Careers’ career planning system

Finding your perfect job may seem impossible but finding a career direction that fits you well is easier than you think. If you are aged 15-30 years, then First Careers has developed a system designed to help you figure out the type of career you are likely to enjoy and do well at.

You start by going to the First Careers website. Simply register, login, pay for access and do each of the Smithells© Career Planning Questionnaires online to identify your strengths, skills, interests and values. Once you complete the last of the questionnaires, within ten minutes, you are sent an email with an attached client data summary that includes some explanation and feedback.

What is the next step on my career path?

Contact Careers in Progress to make a face-to-face appointment with a career professional, to discuss and explore the findings in your client data summary. Click on the Contact Us button in this website to send us an email or telephone us on 03 544 9795.

At Careers in Progress, Lesley Hooson our qualified career professional, who is also licensed to use the Smithells® Career Planning System, will help you pinpoint one or more career directions that fit you well. You will also receive information on the relevant course, training and work experience options which exist and several steps in a realistic and workable action plan towards achieving your career goals.

After your first appointment, your career professional will follow up with you from time to time, to arrange any needed follow-up appointments, and to check how you are progressing at key stages in your journey.

You can read more about the Smithells® Career Planning System on the First Careers website, or talk to Lesley Hooson today at Careers in Progress about starting to plan your career straight away.

Change my profession for a better, more fulfilling new career

The employment market today is not what it used to be. Former ‘jobs for life’ are altered or made obsolete by changes in technology, legislation or industry practices. You may find yourself in a job that is not satisfying for you, out of work or forced to retrain and rethink where your career is heading.

Whether by choice or necessity, a career change is a daunting prospect.

For those of you seeking new direction for a career change, or guidance in re-entering the workforce, Careers in Progress can help assess your needs, and work with you to come up with a plan to suit your priorities and objectives. Each session results in a clear course of action for you to explore.

Workforce Development Programmes for better team performance

Training and development for team members is an important area for any successful business or organisation. Offering your key personnel the opportunity to grow their skills has far-reaching benefits:

  • Improved performance
  • Better workplace morale
  • Increased confidence and job satisfaction
  • Greater staff retention and loyalty
  • Increased employee engagement

Careers in Progress offers custom designed career development programmes to businesses and organisations interested in growing the collective skill set of their team. Our experience in Human Resources and Training and Development enables us to offer you recommendations to guide your business and build up its people and tap into their potential.

We can facilitate small group sessions or individual career development sessions based on the needs of your business and its personnel.

Licensed Smithells® Practitioner
Licensed to use the Smithells® Career Planning System